Christmas Trees

Recycling Christmas Trees

Natural Christmas Trees placed curbside will be picked up by the City. Trees with plastic bags, wire, nails or other metal attached will not be accepted. The City will be making two rounds picking up Christmas trees. The first opportunity is to set your tree at the road edge by 7:00 a.m. on January 2nd. The second and last chance to set your tree out for pick up is by 7:00 a.m. on Monday, January 15th. There will be no return trips for pickups after January 15th. Call-in requests will not be accepted after January 15th.  Please understand that trees may not be picked up until sometime after these dates because of the time it takes to go through all the routes or being hampered by inclement weather or emergencies that may arise. Trees should not be buried in the snow. Wire, metal and plastic bags must be removed from the tree and disposed of separately.

Wreaths, which are normally tied with wire, should be disposed of in your weekly garbage.

Other options for Christmas tree disposal are:

  • Bring them to the Recycle Center with no wire, metal or plastic on them.
  • Cut them up in pieces no longer than 4 feet long, less than 50 pounds per piece, and place them at the road edge. Your garbage contractor will pick them up on your regular collection day. However, the tree cannot be buried in snow or they will not take it. This is not a preferred option since it is not recycling the Christmas tree.