Pay Your Water/Sewer Utility Bill Online

Pay Utility Bill Online

Methods of Payment Accepted on PSN

The Water/Sewer Utility Online Payment Center is administered by PSN Payment Service Network.  If you need assistance with paying online, call PSN at 877-885-7968.

To use this service, a convenience fee will be assessed by PSN at the time of payment, based on the method of payment utilized.  Payment by check or savings (eCheck) is $1.00.  For pinless debit or credit card payments, the convenience fee varies, but is 2.6% of the payment cost (plus $0.50 if the payment is under $100.00).  Fees charged to residents offset the costs charged by financial institutions - the City of Brookfield does not receive any revenue from these fees.

Pay Online

If you have been making your payments through the Automatic Payment Plan, you must submit a cancellation form if you want to change to the online system.

Note: The online system cannot be set up to automatically make a payment on the due date.  A specific date must be entered for recurring transactions.

The first time you use PSN Payment Service Network, you will need to register; after that, payments are an easy 3-step process.

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We use Payment Service Network to process our payments and post bills.  PSN has been certified as maintaining the highest level of security as required by the credit card industry.