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1. Logging in the Library Catalog
2. How do I get a library card?
3. Can my child get a library card?
4. Can I pay for my Library fines online?
5. How can I renew items?
6. What is pre-overdue email notification?
7. Can I place a hold on an item that is checked out?
8. How long can I keep an item?
9. I’m going on vacation and don’t want you to call about my book while I am gone. What can I do?
10. How do I get a replacement for a lost card?
11. If I forget my library card can I still check out materials?
12. I have a business/work in Brookfield. Can I get a library card?
13. I am a teacher in the Brookfield area. Can I get a library card?
14. What is self check?
15. What is CAFE?
16. Can I use my card at other libraries?